Civil Litigation


Regarding Litigation proceedings and dispute resolution matters it is essential that our Clients’ interests comes first thus we attempt to reach the best possible results in the shortest time using an acceptable budget for the Client. We understand that in most cases, litigation proceedings cause extra costs and go on for years, while settlements could be mutually favorable for the parties.

We have experience in representing both claimant and the defendant parties, since we have been working on many ligation proceedings, as well as arbitration proceedings for years. Our Law Office is very experienced and qualified in litigations and we are licensed to fully represent of our clients before the Hungarian courts, arbitral tribunals. The main scope of our expertise is the civil and company law, but our Law Office also deals with many labor and administrative law cases as well.

Endre Szentirmai is a qualified mediator in civil cases which professional practice helps to find the cheapest and fastest solution for the debating parties. In the mediation process the parties can find a settlement and reach the win-win position. This alternative method is getting more and more important in the Hungarian Civil Procedural Law.

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