Labour Law

Labor Law deals with a wide area of law determining how employers should treat employees, what are the obligations of employees. We have experience in representing both employers and employees, thus we can understand the motivation of both sides in a legal dispute. We have particular experience on labor law litigations arising from termination of the employment relationship.

Even if the relationship between employers and employees is uncomplicated and based on mutual respect, several questions shall be settled by employers, that requests effective legal contribution in order to avoid the possible future risks, fines imposed by labor authorities.

Since we support almost all of our Clients in labor law related issues, any questions arisen regarding the employment, surely will be solved.

In the frame of our legal services, we can help in various fields, such issues like:

  • preparing labor contracts,
  • preparing special employment contracts for managers,
  • drafting bylaws, code of conducts,
  • creating the proper employment structures,
  • collective agreements
  • creating notices, dismissals with the necessary legal contents,
  • conciliation in legal disputes concerning labor-law liabilities
  • pension plans,
  • benefits, retirement plans,
  • tasks regarding the discrimination in the workplace,
  • creating non-compete obligations,
  • whistleblowing systems,
  • lawful surveillance of employees,
  • manpower leasing contracts.

Our Office also provides legal advices to business enterprises on how to reduce their risk of employment litigation and how to comply with local legal regulations.

We can also offer effective legal help to protect the rights of employees when their rights are being violated.

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