Pharmaceutical law

Szentirmai Law Office is one of the few law firms in Hungary which offers professional expertise on legal matters affecting the operation of pharmacies, and Pharmaceutical Law. We navigate our Clients through the very special and complex provisions governing this field of law, and provide a wide range of various legal tasks connected to the operation of pharmacies, pharmacy chains. We work together with pharmaceutical wholesale companies, large international and Hungarian pharmacy chains but we also provide legal services for sole pharmacies also.

Pharmaceutical Law regulates the distribution and prescription of medicines with specific and unique rules. Relevant legal regulations generally include provisions regarding the manufacture, import, distribution, marketing, prescription, and price of pharmaceutical products, and also the rules of authority processes, as the inspection, and control of personnel as well as facilities in order to ensure the safety of patients.

Also the pharmaceutical’s marketing and distribution opportunities are limited and regulated in a different way unlike other fields of commerce. Thus strict rules and provisions regarding how these drugs can be marketed both to individuals and to pharmacies prevent false and misleading usage.

We can assist our Clients and answer their questions connected to any matters arisen from operating a pharmacy, such as

  • sale and purchase of pharmacies, pre-emption rights,
  • regulated ownership and mandatory ownership ratio of  pharmacists,
  • authority inspections,
  • establishing new pharmacies, rules of tenders,
  • operation of webshop,
  • marketing rules, representation before Chamber of Pharmacists,
  • representation before wholesalers,
  • proposals for legislation.

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