We advise our clients on complex, strategically important and high value projects. We provide our Clients totally integrated services on all aspects of project work to ensure that all solutions are in  compliance with relevant legal regulations.

Based on the commercial approach of our colleagues, we are able to provide a comprehensive service on special projects, including advising on joint ventures, project structures, also conducting legal due diligence, risk allocation.

Our Office examines the projects not just from a legal point of view but also from a commercial perspective. We are able to advise our Clients how to implement their corporate system in effective and lawful frames.

As one contract model often works for one of our Clients, that doesn’t mean it will work for the other one, thus our Law Office always creates unique solutions, to meet the specialized needs of our Clients.

We advise on choosing the right structure for each business or project, and with the help of our professional colleagues, our Client will receive all the necessary  legal documents, such as distribution agreements, commission agreements, product development and supply agreements, commercial agency agreements, terms of guarantee, several kind of general terms and conditions, franchise structures, etc.

While we provide general, complex legal services in projects covering lots of legal documents, agreements, we also help our Clients in negotiation of individual contracts on demand.

Intellectual Properties

Our Office has specialized lawyer dealing with intellectual property issues. We advise, represent and litigate on behalf of our clients in several areas of IP, including:

  • copyright,
  • trademark,
  • patent,
  • industrial design,
  • know-how
  • infringements.

We also advise our client on advertising, corporate branding, design, internet and e-commerce, licensing, etc.

We can also give legal assistance to startuppers in order to protect their interests during seed investment and to avoid the incorporation of detrimental terms and conditions in the term sheets which could result in being set aside by venture capitalists.

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