Real Estate Transactions

We know that real estates play an extremely important role in every business, or in personal life of natural person clients, thus Szentirmai Law Office is deeply committed to handle real estate issues with unique care, for which we have an exceptional knowledge of the local and regional market.

It is essential to mention that most of the issues related to real estates and property law shall be handled by attorneys in Hungary, as all of the relevant facts regarding real estates should be registered in the Land Register.

Our Law Office deals with a variety of related issues in commercial and residential buildings, and also industrial establishments. We are very proud of the fact that during the years 2001-2008 Our Law Office dealt with multiple legal tasks regarding the whole reconstruction of a city quarter in Hungary. Our Law Office has participated in several complex real estate development projects ever since.

We can help our Clients to solve any legal dispute, problems related to land properties, especially:

  • sale and purchase of real estates;
  • transfer of ownership based on other legal titles (such as exchange of real estates, donation, inheritance);
  • legal aspects of rental property and landlord issues;
  • rights of tenants, landlords and homeowners;
  • settlement of claims against property rights;
  • property development;
  • related agriculture issues;
  • home loans and foreclosures;
  • founding condominiums,
  • creation of sureties concerning real estates,
  • claims arising from warranty.

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